Our mission and values

EpigenFocus is dedicated to serve patients needs through the discovery, development, and transferring to clinical practice the most innovative technology of clinical epigenetics. 

Special priority for us is the development of diagnostics and therapies for children patients.

At EpigenFocus, we direct our efforts to develop on personalized medicine, especially for children. “One size does not fit all” when it comes to medicine. Treatments that help some patients fail to help others, or medicines may cause side effects in only certain patients. This notion is especially relevant to children health, as children-patient population is under-represented in tailor-made diagnostics and therapeutics. 

EpigenFocus brings innovative cutting edge technologies to develop diagnostic tests that help determine which medical treatments and procedures will work best for each patient. By combining this information with an individual’s medical records, personalized medicine allows doctors and patients to develop targeted treatment and prevention plans. Personalised Medicine will be unequivocally beneficial to young patients. 


EpigenFocus is a medical-biotechnology startup company, founded in October, 2016 by Emmy Rogakou PhD. 

Selected bibliography 

E.P.Rogakou, D.R.Pilch, A.H.Orr, V.S.Ivanova, and W.M.Bonner. (1998). DNA double-strand breaks induce histone H2AX phosphorylation at serine-139. J. Biol. Chem. 273, 5858-5868.

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Scientific Advisory Board 

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of EpigenFocus are internationally distinguished experts in their fields. We are proud to our SAB members to be characterised by upper-level scientific knowledge gained in highly competitive international environments, an indomitable pursuit of the most beneficial-to-the-patient medical innovation, and deep personal commitment to ethical standards.

  • George Chrousos, MD, ScD, MACE, MACP, FRCP, Director of the University Research Institute of Maternal and Child Health and Precision Medicine, A’ Dept. of Paediatrics, Medical School, NKUA.

  • Vassilios Papadakis, MD, PhD, Director at “Agia Sophia” Children's Hospital

  • Constantinos Vorgias, PhD, Professor, Faculty of Biology, NKUA

  • Christos Yapijakis, B.S., M.S., D.M.D., PhD., Ass. Professor, Medical School, NKUA

  • Emmy Rogakou, PhD, Founder and CEO 

Advisory Board

To transform vision into reality 

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